Songs for the Lost "This debut album features a mammoth selection of 15 tunes that are essentially pop in style -but don't be fooled! Strong in melody but quirky in delivery, this is grown up music."
Back from the Dead This follow up is a journey - and takes us once again on a musical flight through people and places, life and death on it's meandering path towards the light.
Children for a Day "Extreme...expressive and inspired songwriter with an excellent voice quite similar to that of Annie Lennox...subtly seeps through mellow tunes which would compliment an evening on the sofa"
Climbing the Glass Wall "This beautiful album is sometimes light and airy to listen to, but towards the end of the album it's like falling into a dark pit of honey in slow motion."
Fruit Machine Scenario "You will very rarely find music like this - it takes bravery to step out of the mould and trap that so many bands fall into. Worth buying for "Close the Door" alone - the music video won several awards."
Tree Snow "Creepy, beautiful, and quirky. This collection meanders through acoustic, gothic, steampunk folk territory, with a smattering of synths."
Clockwork Elephant "A spectral story told gently from start to finish, this collection of ten songs combines to create an album as thrillingly ambitious as it is enigmatic. If you like your triphop well steamed, laid back and quirky, this is for you."
Not Before Time Steam powered trip-hop folk music, with a touch of electro-swing in the glove-box; intelligent lyrics and a deeply emotional voice that warms you up like a cuddle from a cat.